Upper School Curriculum Overview

Mead Hall Upper School is proud to offer a cutting edge curriculum taught by an outstanding and dedicated faculty. Our small class sizes provide individual attention and increased faculty/student interaction. The four year course of study is designed with each students strengths and goals in mind. Our students graduate mentally, spiritually, and physically prepared for college or work.

Academic Development

In our rigorous college preparatory program, students choose from an impressive array of courses in math, natural and physical science, English, social studies, foreign language, computer science, sacred studies, business, and the arts.

The Mead Hall Upper School curriculum is designed to maximize cross curricular studies in English, social studies, religion, and science. Faculty members collaborate to teach concepts with a unified approach, insuring students learn interconnected patterns that reinforce content across disciplines.

Oral, written, and visual communication skills are practiced and refined in every class. These skills culminate with our Senior Project Seminar Course in which students write a college level research paper and present it orally for adjudication.

Artistic Development

Students well versed in the arts are sought by universities and employers for their creative skills and enhanced problem solving abilities. Through concert band, visual art, and drama, Upper School students at Mead Hall develop artistically, preparing for twenty-first century careers.

Spiritual/Moral Development

Spiritual and moral development is a central component of the Mead Hall education. All students in the Upper School take religious studies courses and participate together in corporate worship each week. In addition, students log twenty hours of service in the community each year. Opportunities abound for our students to appreciate and meet the needs of the less fortunate in our community. Beta Club, National Honor Society, and Student Government provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and to serve the school and community as well.

Physical Development

Upper School students take at least one year of physical education and all are encouraged to participate in our varsity athletic program. The Mead Hall Panthers compete in the SCISA IA division in volleyball, soccer, cross country, basketball, tennis, golf, and track. Look under the Athletics tab for further information about Mead Hall athletic programs; the Events calendar contains details for upcoming games.

College Counseling

Our college and career counselor guides our upper school students from the time they enter ninth grade until they matriculate and enter college or the work force. Setting goals, registering for standardized tests, creating internships, selecting colleges, completing applications, and celebrating acceptances are all a part of this important position in the life of our school. Individual attention to students, active communication with parents, and carefully cultivated relationships with businesses, colleges, and universities make our college counseling program excel.

2014-2015 Sample Course Listing

  • Algebra I CP/H
  • Western Civilization CP/H
  • Spanish I CP/H
  • Geometry CP/H
  • US History CP/H
  • Spanish II CP/H
  • Algebra II CP/H
  • 21st Century Roots CP/H
  • Spanish III CP/H
  • Pre-Calculus CP/H
  • Government CP/H
  • Spanish IV CP/H
  • Calculus H/AP
  • Economics CP/H
  • Introduction to Christian Theology CP/H
  • Statistics CP/H/AP
  • Biology CP/H/AP
  • Physical Education CP
  • Personal Finance CP
  • Chemistry CP/H/AP
  • Theater Arts CP/H
  • Literature and Composition CP/H/AP
  • Physics CP/H
  • Foundation Art CP
  • World Literature CP/H
  • Environmental Science CP/H
  • Studio Art: Drawing AP
  • American Literature CP/H
  • Desktop Publishing CP/H
  • Studio Art: 2-D Design AP
  • British Literature CP/H
  • Computer Programming CP/H
  • Studio Art: 3-D Design AP
  • Senior Project H
  • Yearbook CP/H
  • Concert Band CP/H


Graduation Requirements

English 4 Credits Religious Studies 2 Credits
Social Studies 4 Credits Fine Arts 1 Credits
Mathematics 4 Credits Physical Education 1 Credit
Science 4 Credits Computer Science 1 Credit
Foreign Language 3 Credits Senior Project 1 Credit