Mead Hall Lunch Menus

Welcome to the Mead Hall menu page. Here you'll find monthly menus for both campuses.

Parents and other invited guests are welcome to join us for lunch. The cost is $5.00 per person. Please pay in the school office when signing in as a campus visitor. When having lunch with a preschool or kindergarten child, we ask that parent and child sit at a visitors' table; the excitement of lunch guests distracts our youngest children from eating their lunch.

Parents, we ask that you do not bring fast food lunches to students on the St. Thaddeus Campus; this creates a disruption for our younger students.

St. Thaddeus Campus - August 2017

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Aiken Prep Campus - August 2017

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K Class Time   LS Class Time   MS/US Time

2017-2018 Lunch Schedule

3K - Housman 10:50   1 - Moccia 11:30   Grade 5  TBD
4K - Crump 10:55   1- Riddick 11:35   Grade 6 TBD
4K - Snider 11:00   1- Sokolik 11:40   Grade 7 TBD
5K - Kiger 11:05   2 -Alsbrooks 11:45   Grade 8 TBD
5K - Zustra 11:10   2-Goetzman 11:50   Grade 9 TBD
      3-Alkema 12:00   Grade 10 TBD
      3-DeGange 12:05   Grade 11 TBD
      4-Briggs 12:10   Grade 12 TBD
      4-Mooney 12:15